VG909 Istripper bot

istripper credits hack

Getting Hands on iStrippers Bot

VG909 Istripper (know as VirtuaGirl HD) bot will add to your account credits, and the more credits you have the more girls you have access to. In total, there are thousands of girls on the program that are everything from femme fatales, cute college students to hot blonds or enchanting brunettes. You even have access to duos and trios—with this bot you’ll have access to them all.

In order to received credits, before, you have to spend some cash. But then, there is a good chance to get this all for no cost. Its actually something that you cannot buy, one of the kind, istripper credits hack.

Probably, you have been search for istripper cracked version, and you end up with not working so called “crack”. Actually, myself avoid this such as file. Once, you never know what is inside this one, second you could end up very bad. It`s mean, that you can lost your identity, How? I got message from owner of istripper saying that i am stealing. In my reply, i put something my version, that this bot is for people who don`t have money to buy this luxuries credits. And i beleive also, that other people offering crack are stealing credits card number and other things like information about their logins for banks and similar. My question is, are you chose something safe like credits adder, or go for more dangerous file?

This bot is a Istripper account maker, so it is a safe and free option for you to gather as many credits as you desire.

How to Use the Bot?

To do this you’ll need to have Istripper installed on your computer already, and after that download the vg909 bot. To get the bot follow these simple instructions:

Run the installer on VirtuaGirl/iStripper to set it up.
Follow the instructions to set it up, including reading the terms and conditions.
Launch the program by clicking on “finish.”

It will ask you to create an account, but this is not what you want. Instead choose the option that says you already have an account and want to re-register. At this point you’ll be asked for your username and password, which is where the VG909 bot comes in. When you Double click on the iStripper hack button and it’ll ask how many credits you want to add to your account. Click on create and it’ll create an account for you, then just copy and paste the username and password into the VirtuaGirl setup box. Dont worry, it wont send any data back to istripper site, its very anonymous. Well, the risk is 0. I have blocked all robots and ip adres. Now, what you need is, a beer and follow the rest of the setup tutorial.

When you click on “OK” a new window will pop up, and that’s your account window. In the lower left hand corner you’ll see all of the credits you’ve gained.

This video is showing how to add Unlimited Credits on Istripper !

You can be sure that this is safe bot, cos after download, you can scan yourself on virustotal. Or if you scare you can use sandbox. But so far, there was no virus detection till today. Please read section how to download before start download. Gain unlimited credits and download this bot from links bellow”